who are we?

Take-mail.org it is a mail server for sending e-mail

With take-mail.org your company:

  • increase sales with targeted marketing
  • increase traffic to your company website
  • measuring the effect of a distribution
  • reach new audiences
  • provide additional contacts to your newsletter list

Does it work?


What are the rules?

How to get a promotion to work?
  1. You must have a good message, offer, product or service
  2. You must hit the right target from the database
  3. You must have a good design and a good landing page so that it is easy for the recipient to book
  4. You must give the possibility having a simple and effective way to opt out of the marketing
Eur 1900,-Design/Layout:

Eur 1900,-Web form:

Eur 500,-Order form:

Selected sample from the databaseVolum

3,001 000+

2,002 000+

1,005 000+

0,857 500+

0,8010 000+

0,6030 000+

0,4550 000+
Take-mail.org can ONLY market for companies and ONLY with generic addresses, i.e addresses not a physical person
Address example of a physical person:
- firstname.lastname @take-mail.org
Copy of a generic address:
- company @take-mail.org

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